CoilJet CJ-125 Portable Coil Cleaning System

By SpeedClean

SKU: CJ-125


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Portable HVAC Coil Cleaning System

CoilJet coil cleaner system from SpeedClean is the best way to clean HVAC coils on-the-go. It features a completely integrated system that carries water and coil cleaner in a battery powered, shoulder carried unit. It delivers 125 psi of cleaning power at a 1/2 gallon per minute flow rate. Plenty of power to clean smaller HVAC and refrigerator coils and won't overflow inside condensate pans. Perfect for air handlers, rooftop condenser units, mini split systems, PTAC units, refrigeration coils and much more. Plus if you've got mold in your air handlers, CoilJet can help flush out and prepare for disinfection and remediation.