Diversitech Corp 16G CO2 Drain Gun Cartridges GGC-12, Silver, 12 Pack

By IAQ Supply House



  • CO2 REFILL CARTRIDGES: Swoosh cartridges deliver 800 psi (1200 max working psi) of oil free air to clear the drain line.
  • DRAIN GUN AMMUNITION: These cartridges are to be used for the Diversitech portable Drain Gun cleaning tool
  • AIR/NITROGEN TANK ELIMINATION: There is no need for air or nitrogen tanks using these cartridges allowing the drain gun to be portable and maneuverable.
  • SAFE: These cartridges are a perfect alternative to use instead of environmentally unfriendly refrigerant.
  • EASY TO USE: Reloading the cartridges in the drain clog remover gun is a seamless process saving you time.
  • Diversities Corp
  • This is a genuine replacement part
  • Appliance-replacement-parts