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Mini Split First Aid Kit

Mini Split First Aid Kit

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The fast and easy way to remove dirt and odor from your mini split system. 

Mini Split Systems are notorious for odor issues. This can generally be caused by mold and odor-causing bacteria growing in the coils. Not only is it smelly, but it can cause larger indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, and reduce the overall efficiency of your system. 

The Mini Split First aid Kit helps eliminate dirt, dust, and mold in your mini split unit quickly while treating the mold and mildew so it doesn't come back. It's really that simple.  So, if you are dealing with dirty coils and musty "dirty sock" odors in your mini split systems, this could be a great solution. 

Ductless Mini Split Maintenance Kits:

  • Ready-to-use aerosol formulas
  • Small and portable kit
  • Powerful coil cleaner and EPA registered fungistat and bacteriostat.

Mini Split First Aid Kit SDS

**Please note we are unable to ship aerosol cans air freight

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